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GET Certificate List

The Certificate List API will get a list of TLS/SSL certificates in a user’s subscription from the RCL Portal.

Try it in the Developer’s Portal

You can try out this API in the RCL API Portal .

Making the request

To make the request, follow these steps:

  • Include an Access Token in the Authorization Header
  • Make a GET request to the Certificate List endpoint

Certificate List Endpoint

The API endpoint for the Certificate List API is

Access Token

Obtain an Access Token to make the request. Include the token in the Authorization header as a Bearer token.

Please follow the instructions in this link to obtain the Access Token:

Example GET Request

GET /api/v2/CertificateList HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer eyJ0eXAiO ... 0X2tnSQLEANnSPHY0gKcgw


A successful response will indicate a 200 OK status. An array of CertificateResponse objects will be returned.

Sample Response

        "target":"Azure DNS",