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The RCL AutoRenew Function is a Microsoft Azure Function app that automatically renews SSL/TLS certificates created in the RCL Portal.

Automatically Renew SSL/TLS Certificates

You can use the function app to automatically renew SSL/TLS certificates created in the RCL Portal using the the following creation options :

  • Azure App Services
  • Azure Key Vault (including SAN)
  • Azure DNS (including SAN)

‘Stand Alone’ certificates are not supported by the Auto Renew function.

The RCL AutoRenew Function is ideally suited for renewal of certificates for Azure App Services and Key Vault.

If you need to automate the renewal and installation of certificates in your own webserver (Apache, Apache Tomcat, NGINX, IIS, etc) especially in a VM, please use the RCL CertificateBot instead.

The function app will run once a week and automatically update certificates that are about to expire.

Quick Start

Follow these steps to use the RCL AutoRenew Function :