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Using RCL CertificateBot with Microsoft IIS

RCL CertificateBot can be used to automate the installation and renewal of SSL/TLS certificate in Microsoft IIS. This is achieved as follows:

  • RCL CertificateBot is configured in the appsettings.json file to recognize the bindings of one or more websites in IIS
  • RCL CertificateBot automatically renews certificates and installs the certificates in each binding specified in the configuration

Installing RCL CertificateBot in Windows

Please follow the instructions in the following link to install RCL CertificateBot in Windows:

Configuring RCL CertificateBot for IIS

The IIS website bindings must be configured in the appsettings.json file in the bindings section in CertificateBot. The following example shows a single website binding :

  "CertificateBot": {
    "saveCertificatePath": "c:/ssl",
    "includeCertificates": [ "all" ],
    "serverIdentifier": "default",
    "bindings": [
        "siteName": "Home",
        "ip": "*",
        "port": "443",
        "host": "",
        "certificateName": ""
  • siteName - this the the site name of the IIS website
  • ip - this is the IP address of the IIS website
  • port - the is the port number of the IIS website
  • host - the the host name assigned to the IIS website
  • certificateName - this is the name of the certificate in the RCL Portal to be installed in the IIS website

You can include more than one bindings in the bindings array.

The following image illustrates the IIS website and the binding :