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RCL CertificateBot is installed in a server running a website. It allows for automatic renewal of SSL/TLS certificates and installation of certificates in the server.

Windows Server

RCL CertificateBot runs as a Windows Service in a Windows Server.

Linux Server

RCL CertificateBot runs as a Daemon in a Linux Server.

How it Works

  • The application will request a list of certificates in a user’s subscription in the RCL Portal
  • It will look for certificates in the list that are flagged ‘to-be-saved-in-the-server’. If it finds a certificate, it will save the certificate in the server.
  • Certificates that are saved in the server will then be flagged as ‘saved-in-the-server’
  • The application will then send a request to to renew certificates in a user’s subscription. This request is sent every four (4) days
  • If a certificates is about to expire, it will be renewed and flagged as ‘to-be-saved-in-the-server’

This entire process is repeated every four (4) days to ensure the automatic renewal and installation of certificates in a server.

Web Servers

Web servers can use the certificates saved in the Windows or Linux server.

The following web servers are supported:

  • Apache
  • Apache Tomcat
  • IIS
  • any server that configures SSL/TLS by referencing certificates files stored in the server

Next Steps