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RCL CertificateBot is installed in a server running a website.

It allows for automatic renewal of SSL/TLS certificates and installation of certificates in the hosting machine for a web server to use.

Linux Server

RCL CertificateBot runs as a Daemon in a Linux Server.

Windows Server

RCL CertificateBot runs as a Windows Service in a Windows Server.

How it Works

  • The application will request a list of certificates in a user’s subscription in the RCL Portal
  • It will look for certificates in the list that are specified to be ‘included in the server’. If it finds a specified certificate, it will save the certificate in the hosting machine
  • The application will then send a request to to renew certificates in a user’s subscription.
  • If a certificates is about to expire it will be scheduled for renewal, and subsequently saved to the hosting machine the next time the process is run
  • The webserver will be configured to use the SSL/TLS certificate that was saved to the hosting machine

This entire process is repeated every seven (7) days to ensure the automatic renewal and installation of certificates in a server.

Web Servers

Web servers can use the certificates saved in the Windows or Linux hosting machine.

The following web servers are supported:

  • Apache
  • Apache Tomcat
  • IIS
  • any server that configures SSL/TLS by referencing certificates files stored in the server


Please do no use the RCL AutoRenew Function if you are using CertificateBot. This may result in unexpected behavior and certificates may not be automatically updated in the hosting machine.

Next Steps