Automatic Renewals with CertificateBot


This workload allows for the automatic installation and renewal of a SSL/TLS certificate in web servers.

The following web servers are supported:

  • Apache
  • Apache Tomcat
  • any server that configures SSL/TLS by referencing certificate files stored in the server


Step 1 : Create the SSL/TLS Certificate

Step 2 : Automatically Install the Certificate

  • After certificate creation, install and configure the RCL CertificateBot in your hosting machine (server)
  • RCL CertificateBot can in installed as a Linux Daemon on a Linux Server or a Windows Service in a Windows Server
  • RCL CertificateBot will automatically download and save certificates in your hosting machine for the web server to use

Step 3 : Automatically Renewing a SSL/TLS Certificate

SSL/TLS Certificates will expire within 90 days.

  • RCL CertificateBot will look for certificates about to expire on a weekly basis and automatically schedule certificates for renewal
  • Renewed certificates will be downloaded and stored on your server where they can be referenced by the web servers hosting your website