SSL/TLS for Web Servers and Hosting Systems


This workload is applicable for the creation, installation and renewal of a SSL/TLS certificate in a web server.

The web servers may include :

  • Apache
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Nginx
  • Microsoft IIS
  • Other web servers and hosting systems


Step 1 : Create the SSL/TLS Certificate

  • Create the SSL/TLS certificate in the RCL SSL Portal by using either the :
  • The Stand Alone option allows for one domain on a certificate, the SAN options allow for two domains on a single certificate.

Step 2 : Install the SSL/TLS Certificate in a Web Server

Step 3 : Renewing a SSL/TLS Certificate

SSL/TLS Certificates will expire within 90 days. Follow these instructions to renew the certificate.

3.1 Manual Renewal

  • Delete the SSL/TLS certificate in the RCL SSL Portal just before it expires
  • Create a new certificate using the ‘Stand Alone’ or ‘Stand Alone SAN’ option
  • Remove the old certificate and re-install the new one in your web server

3.2 Automatic Renewal

Automatic certificate renewal is only supported with the HTTP Challenge Type.

You can use RCL SSL HTTP AutoRenew to automatically renew certificates created with the HTTP challenge.