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Register an AAD Application


Authorization is required for the following operations :

This authorization will be granted through an AAD Application.

  • In your Azure Active Directory (AAD) tenant, add a new ‘App registration’


  • Add a name for the new App registration. The app should access accounts in the user’s organizational directory only (Single tenant)


  • Click the ‘Register’ button

Get the AAD Application Credentials

In this section, the following credentials will be obtained from the AAD application :

- Client ID (Application ID)
- Tenant ID (Directory ID)
- Client Secret
  • In the Active Directory, open the application that was registered

  • Copy the Application (client) ID [Auth:client_id] and Directory (tenant) ID [Auth:tenantId] for configuration purposes


  • In the ‘Certificates & secrets’, create a new client secret. You must remember to change the client secret when it expires. It is recommended that you use the maximum expiry period (24 months) for the secret.



  • Copy the Client Secret Value [Auth:client_secret] for configuration purposes