Azure Marketplace Subscription


  • You will subscribe to RCL SSL Portal app in the Azure portal or in the Azure Marketplace

  • In the Azure portal, search for the RCL SSL application. Click on the ‘Setup+Subscribe’ button to add a subscription


  • Select a subscription and subscribe


  • Click on the ‘Configure account now’ button


  • Add your email contact and click the Submit button



You can access the RCL Portal app that you have subscribed to in the Azure portal.

  • In the Azure portal, search for Software as a Service (SaaS) and open it


  • In the list of SaaS applications, click on the application to open it


  • You can now view the details of the application

  • In the SaaS application, click on the ‘Cancel subscription’ link to unsubscribe

  • After, you can Delete the subscription


  • Once you cancel a subscription, your data will be scheduled for deletion within the next few days

Download your certificates before your data is deleted. A cancelled subscription cannot be re-activated. You will need to wait a few days to create a new subscription. Your data will not be restored.

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