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Testing the Function

In this section, you will learn how to test the RCL AutoRenew function.

  • In the Azure portal, open the function app and open the ‘Functions’

  • Then, open the ‘RenewCertificate’ function


  • In the RenewCertificates function, click on ‘Code + Test’, and then click on ‘Test/Run’


  • Click the ‘Run’ button to manually run the function


  • You should see the output of the function in the logs window similar to the one shown above.

  • You may need to run the function twice to see the message from the function app. It will identity if there are any certificates that it has scheduled for renewal.

  • Please ensure that there are no errors in the log. If there are errors, the function is misconfigured and certificate renewal will fail.

Note: The ‘RenewCertificates’ function will automatically run on a weekly basis and automatically renew certificates that are about to expire. There is no need to manually run the function apart from manual testing