SSL/TLS for Azure Application Gateway


This workload allows for the automatic creation, installation and renewal of a SSL/TLS certificate for Azure Application Gateway using :

Create the SSL/TLS Certificate

  • Create the SSL/TLS certificate in the RCL SSL Portal by using either the :
  • The SAN option allow for two domains (wild card + naked domain, eg: *, on the certificate, whereas, the other option only allows one domain on the certificate.

Certificate Automatically Imported to Key Vault

  • After creation, the certificate is automatically imported to Azure Key Vault
  • Check for the certificate name and version in Azure Key Vault

Azure Application Gateway SSL/TLS with Azure Key Vault

Application Gateway supports TLS termination at the gateway, after which traffic typically flows unencrypted to the backend servers or virtual machines. Follow the instruction in this link to add the SSL/TLS certificate for Azure Key Vault

Automatically Renewing a SSL/TLS Certificate

SSL/TLS Certificates will expire within 90 days. Follow these instructions to automatically renew the certificate.

  • Use the RCL SSL AutoRenew Function to automatically renew certificates
  • The certificates will be automatically renewed , imported to Key Vault and the TLS termination with Application gateway will be updated without any user interaction being required

End-To-End SSL/TLS Encryption for Virtual Machines

If you require the connection from Application Gateway to the backend pool to use SSL/TLS on port 443, you will need to install SSL/TLS certificates in the individual back end pool resources. You can use one or more of the following options to install SSL/TLS to the backed pools resources :