SSL/TLS for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) with Key Vault and akv2k8s


This workload allows for the automatic creation, installation and renewal of a SSL/TLS certificate for Azure Kubernetes Service using :


Step 1 : Create the SSL/TLS Certificate

  • Create the SSL/TLS certificate in the RCL Portal by using either the :
  • The SAN option allow for two domains (wild card + naked domain, eg: *, on the certificate, whereas, the other option only allows one domain on the certificate.

Step 2 : Certificate Automatically Imported to Key Vault

  • After creation, the certificate is automatically imported to Azure Key Vault
  • Check for the certificate name and version in Azure Key Vault

Step 3 : Using akv2k8s for user secrets in AKS

Azure Key Vault to Kubernetes (akv2k8s) makes Azure Key Vault secrets, certificates and keys available in Kubernetes in a simple and secure way.

Step 4 : Automatically Renewing a SSL/TLS Certificate

SSL/TLS Certificates will expire within 90 days. Follow these instructions to automatically renew the certificate.

  • Use the RCL AutoRenew Function to automatically renew certificates
  • The certificates will be automatically renewed , imported to Key Vault and the ingress controller and akv2k8s will ensure the certificate is updated in AKS without any user interaction being required