Certificate Signing Request (CSR) Info


The Certificate Signing Request (CSR) provides information about the holder of the certificate. To add the CSR info, follow these steps :

  • In the RCL SSL Portal, expand the ‘SSL/TLS Certificates’ menu from the main side menu

  • Click on the ‘CSR Info’ link

  • Add the CSR information and then click the ‘Create’ button


Valid CSR Info

  • The CSR Info may only contain words with common and capital letters (a-z, A-Z) and numbers (0 - 9).

  • Commas (,) are allowed in addresses only. Do NOT use fullstops (.) or hyphens (-, _).

  • Do NOT use characters such as accents (à), tildes(ã), special characters (&,$,#,etc.), language specific character (eg: ç , ô , å , etc.).

Failure to comply with the above requirements will result in an invalid X509 name.