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Configure the RCL AutoRenew Function App

In this section, you will configure the Azure Function app.

Register an AAD Application

An Azure Active Directory (AAD) application must be registered to obtain permission to access a user’s Azure resources (App Service, DNS Zone, Key Vault). Please refer to the following link for instruction on how to register the AAD application:

Set Access Control for the AAD application

Access control must be set for the AAD application to access resources in a user’s Azure subscription. Please refer to the following link for instruction:

Get the AAD Credentials

Please refer to the following link to get the AAD credentials to configure the function app :

Add the Configuration variables

  • Open the function app and click on ‘Configuration’


Update the following configuration entries with the credentials from the AAD application :

  • Auth:client_id - the AAD App Client Id
  • Auth:client_secret - the AAD App Client Secret
  • Auth:tenantId - the AAD App Tenant Id


  • Click the ‘Save’ button when you are done

Add the Client Id in the RCL Portal

The AAD Application must be registered in the RCL Portal to associate the AAD application to a user subscription.

The RCL AutoRenew function app uses the RCL SDK/API to execute its operations.

To add the AAD Application’s Client Id to the portal, please follow the instructions in this link :

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