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Set Access Control for the AAD user


The Azure Active Directory (AAD) organization (Work or School) account that you use to login to the RCL Portal must either be :

  • An ‘Administrator’ or ‘Owner’ to your Azure subscription
  • Have a role of ‘Owner’ or ‘Contributor’ to your Azure subscription

If either of these requirements are not met, you will not be able to use the RCL Portal to manage your Azure resources (App Services, DNS, Key Vault, etc).

You may also experience an error message.


In this article, you will learn how to set access control for your AAD organization account (AAD user) to your Azure subscription.

You can select or create a new AAD user account in your AAD tenant to sign in to the RCL Portal. Refer to the following link for more information :

Subscription Administrator

You can determine if your AAD organization account is an ‘Administrator’ or ‘Owner’ on the Azure subscription by logging in to the Azure portal with the same AAD account that you use to login to to the the RCL Portal app.

  • In the Azure portal, search for ‘Subscriptions’ and navigate to it


  • Select a subscription


  • After you select a subscription, click on the ‘My permissions’ link for the subscription

  • Here , you can determine if you are an ‘Administrator’ on the subscription


Set Owner or Contributor roles

If the AAD account that you use to log in to the RCL Portal is not an ‘Administrator’ in the Azure subscription, you need to add the AAD account as an ‘Owner’ or ‘Contributor’ to the Azure subscription.

  • Click on the the ‘Access Control (IAM)’ link in the Subscription section

  • Click on the ‘Add’ link at the top to add a new role

  • Select ‘Contributor’ or ‘Owner’, then click on ‘Select Member’

  • Search for and select the AAD user account that you use to login to the RCL Portal


  • You will see the new role assignment in the ‘Role assignments’ tab


You must do this for each Azure subscription that you want to use in the RCL Portal.

Test Access Control

Once access control is properly set up for the AAD account that you use to login to the RCL Portal, you can open any page that requires subscription access to test it.

If the access control was correctly set, you will see the subscription in the drop down list.